The NFB Youth Slam and Pepsi Refresh

The NFB Youth Slam has the opportunity to win a $250,000 grant from the Pepsi Refresh project, but we need your help. With just a few moments of your time each day, you can show that you support equality in the classroom and that you believe blind children have the same right to science education as their sighted peers.

You can vote daily in three different ways. That’s ninety votes during the month of September that you can produce alone! Just think what we can accomplish if you tell everyone you know to do the same! Here are the three ways to vote:

  1. Send a text message to PEPSI (73774) with the number 101913 in the body.
  2. Go to click the link to vote, sign in through Pepsi, and then click the vote button again!
  3. Go to click the link to vote, but this time choose the log in with Facebook option, and then click the vote button again to use your Facebook account to vote!

Learn more about the 2011 NFB Youth Slam by watching our 3-minute video of the program. Or read the blog posts from past participants. Also be sure to visit for even more program information, videos, photos, and additional resources and links.

We cannot do this alone. The 2011 NFB Youth Slam and the one hundred fifty blind students who will attend it need your daily votes to make the program a reality.

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